Friday, February 1, 2013

30 In 30 Collage & Photo Book Collection

 25 of 30, See all 30, larger with music in photo book :)

Click to play this Smilebox photo album
Here is a photo book celebrating the 30 Ceramic Tile Dreamscapes
I created during the Leslie Saeta January 30 In 30 Painting Challenge

                        Some have already found homes! 

                    Check availability at My DPW Gallery

                             Let's Keep Dreaming :) 


  1. Wonderful collection, sooo dreamy! :-D

  2. I've followed you this month and have so loved your painted tiles! I just watched/listened to the photo book. Very nice! Earlier in the month, I saw your link to Fine Art America. First I had heard of it. I've joined and have added over 350 images so far... Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    1. Jean, thank you so much for letting me know! Best to you in FAA!


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