Monday, January 28, 2013

28 In 30 - Dreamscape No. 367 On Ceramic Tile

Dreamscape No. 367

Alcohol Inks
6" x 6" Ceramic Tile

Opening at: $35

Bid: Here


What have I discovered during the 30 in 30 Painting Challenge 
Offered by Leslie Saeta?

I've discovered:
  1. How much I love a personal challenge!
  2. It's a lot of fun traveling with others sharing the same goal!
  3. Many, hidden benefits from a 30 day, narrow focus. 
  4. I love Dreamscaping with Piñata on ceramic tile! 
  5. The subject for my Spring 2013 DVD, Dreamscaping with Piñata on Ceramic Tile!

At the end of 30 in 30 I will elaborate more on my discoveries in: June Rollins' Art Blog.

Right now, a 6" x 6" blank, ceramic tile, that wants to be the Day 29 Dreamscape, is calling my name!

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