Saturday, January 12, 2013

12 In 30 - Dreamscape No. 351 On Ceramic Tile

Dreamscape No. 351

Alcohol Inks
4" x 4" Ceramic Tile

Opening at: $25

Bid: Here


  1. Such fluidity and movement - love this, June!

  2. Oh wow, this is beautiful! How do you paint on ceramic tile? Is it with glaze or actual paints? My mother has always loved tile art, and someday I would love to make something for her, I just don't have any idea as to how. But seriously, the colors on this are stunningly vibrant, and this piece is so lively and lovely as well. Great work!

  3. Melissa, thank you! I'm using alcohol inks. Not using brushes or pre-planned sketches. Dreamscaping is intuitive, relaxing, fun. More info and demos on my website:


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