Monday, September 3, 2012

How To Create Serenity In Your Art

Dreamscape No. 180
Little Dreamer, 4x4
Alcohol Ink On Yupo
© June Rollins

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Create Serenity In Your Art With:

                       1. Cool, Analogous Colors -  Above, I used yellows, greens and blues
                       2. Dominant Horizontal Movement - Subtle in sky and bolder in lower horizon line
                       3. Areas Of Rest - The sky is a subdued neutral and takes up 66% of the composition
                       4. Slowed Rhythm - The water, almost still, has a slow undulating illusion

Is Technique All That's Needed?

No. There must first be serenity inside.

Whatever is inside eventually reveals itself in the art. While it's not often addressed, I believe this is one of the main contributing reasons some artists struggle and are not pleased with their work. 

Dreamscaping with alcohol inks especially reveals the inner nature. 
It also fosters a relaxed, flow state conducive to serenity.

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