Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How To Create Energetic Art

See These NEW, Energetic Little Dreamers 
Up Close And Completed At:

Techniques That Create Energetic Art

                                                            1. Use Color Opposites
                                                            2. Use Value Contrasts
                                                            3. Use Hard Edges
                                                            4. Use Diagonals

Is That All That's Needed?

No. The artist must feel energetic. 
Some of us can become too sedentary in our studios.
Remember to break away and move :)
Walking, connecting with the earth, is one way to energize.

I Like To Move it, Move it!


  1. Does doing happy dances at the computer while viewing energetic works by June Rollins count as being energetic - I think it does. Love these, June. Thanks for the pep talk, too.

  2. Thanks Paula! That pep talk was for me too....Made myself go to an exercise class this morning. Liked it so much, stayed for a second one. Other than a little walking, haven't exercised since May. Felt good to move it, move it :)


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