Thursday, April 26, 2012

Begin Each Day With A Little Watercolor

It was great waking up this morning 
knowing what was waiting for me up in the studio...

Julia's iris looking particularly stunning in the morning light. 

First a simple contour drawing, then...

Let the painting begin...

and the splatter :)

All before breakfast
But definitely not before coffee!

It seems so long ago now, 
but I think I posted the finished painting 
this morning at: Julia's Iris 

Couldn't every day begin like this? 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Julia's Iris

Today I attended a wonderful luncheon given by Julia. She is the hostess I want to be like. A spinach & cranberry salad with mushroom & chicken crepes magically appeared at eleven place settings to be followed by strawberry pie while she pleasantly smiled and entertained. How was she able to prepare all of this and still be so calm?

Because I would much rather paint a chicken than cook one, I was awed. And yes, she would share her cooking secrets and no, they weren't that hard. Who knows when I might need a few good, easy recipes up my artist's sleeve?

Julia is also an avid flower gardener and knows I've been painting iris since 2009. In fact, last year she had e-mailed me about her red/brown iris that was in bloom and wondered if I wanted to come over and photograph it? I missed my opportunity. OK, I thought I was too busy. But today, as I was leaving her house, she offered me her last one of this season.

Would you like this, June?

Will I have time to paint Julia's Iris this year? 
You bet. Why? Because now I know Julia.

Footnote: This post begins a new direction for this blog. 
Former subscribers will see I have renamed it and given it a new look.

This seems to be where the muse wants to go...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Note Cards For Iris Lovers

Love Iris?
Share The Joy...

 With this note card collection inspired from iris I've grown. 
Two each of four different designs and quotes.
See entire collection, plus, others at:

See the original paintings at: