Friday, December 30, 2011

Rising With The Dawn, 8x12, Watercolor By June Rollins

See a video of this watercolor being created at: Paint With Heart

8x12 watercolor on 140lb CP in 14x18 ivory mat
with foam core backing in clear bag,
Ready to go into 14x18 standard frame.

Price: $100.00 +shipping

Buy Now at: Daily Paintworks

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dreamscape No. 68, 5x7, Alcohol Ink By June Rollins

Not Your Typical Landscape!

Up for auction now - beginning at only $20

Dreamscape No. 84, 3x5, Alcohol Ink By June Rollins

Fantasy Dreamscapes. No Two Alike. Created Without Brushes.

Up for Auction Now! Beginning at $10. 

Good Luck!

Dreamscape No. 2, 3x5, Alcohol Ink by June Rollins

Now up for auction! Beginning bid $10. 
To bid, visit: Dreamscape No. 2 - Daily Paintworks 


Alcohol inks remind me of watercolor, my chosen medium for the past 11 years. It’s amazing how a variety of interesting colors, shapes, textures and edges appear on their own with very little effort on my part. My inner child delights in being an uninhibited, abstract artist with this highly unpredictable, but extremely forgiving, unconventional medium that has the look of staind glass.

Dreamscaping emerged out of a spirit of experimentation and play. Each Dreamscape is created using no brushes on acid free, tree-friendly, recyclable Yupo. No two alike, they hum with creative energy. I hope the one that resonates with you will be a constant reminder of the joys and benefits of creative play.

Misty Lake, 5x7, Watercolor By June Rollins

Misty Lake is one of those works that just about created itself. Working wet-into-wet with a 1" flat and a credit card; plus, using only two pigments, ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson, give this small, original watercolor a calm, soothing mood. Wishing for more serenity in your home? Consider Misty Lake

Now up for auction! Starting at $20